cocina griega en málaga

Enjoy Greek cuisine in Malaga, in one of the most privileged places of the city, Muelle Uno. The views that the Port of Malaga offers will not leave you indifferent.

The Greek gastronomy is characterized by its variety of flavours and simple cooking of its dishes. In Greek cuisine, fresh vegetables such as aubergines, potatoes or tomatoes are very often used, and the main ingredient in their dishes – olive oil – cannot be missed. If you still do not know Greek cuisine, I invite you to try it, you will surely love it. Here are the most popular and famous dishes of Greek cuisine, which you can try in our Greek cuisine restaurant in Malaga:


We could say that gyros is the Greek version of Mexican burritos or dürum kebab. It consists of pita bread, stuffed with meat; chicken, beef or pork to the taste of the customer, and it is garnished with onion, peppers, tomatoes and the typical Greek sauces, like yogurt sauce or tzatziki sauce, made of yogurt and cucumber.


It is one of the most popular Greek dishes. It has a great resemblance to Italian lasagna because it is also made with layers. Its main ingredient is aubergine combined with fresh vegetables, or with minced meat, which is usually lamb meat. On top of mussaka we find a layer of baked crusted cheese, followed underneath by a layer of aubergine, and the rest of vegetables or meat in the following layers.

Horiatiki Salata:

The horiatiki salata, generally known as Greek salad, contains feta cheese, Kalamata olives, known as Greek olives, as well as natural tomato, red onion, gherkin, and green pepper. And finally it is seasoned with olive oil, red wine vinegar, ground pepper, oregano and salt.


This characteristic dish is typical in Greek cuisine, dolma if we speak in singular and dolmades in plural. It consists of vine leaves stuffed with minced meat, raisins and pine nuts. A different dish, which you should try if you have not done it yet.

Greek Cuisine in Málaga

In our restaurant of Greek cuisine in Málaga you can enjoy the purest Greek gastronomy. Do not miss the opportunity whilst enjoying your stay.

Come to Saloniki and try our delicious food. From Greece to your table.

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